Gwalior Sagar Ratna restaurant: Uncomfortable place to dine-in


Gwalior Sagar Ratna Uncomfortable place to dine-in

Gwalior, 28 September 2014: Yesterday opened Sagar Ratna restaurant specializing in South Indian food is neither exactly good for South Indian food nor Chinese & North Indian menu. They specialize in making only a long 4 feet dosa which will be possible only for enthusiastic families. In overall terms Sagar Ratna gives you a food-court feel rather then a proper restaurant experience. Below is a handy list defining why Gwalior’s Sagar Ratna is an uncomfortable place to dine-in:

  1. Messy Dining Space: The dining tables are put so close that you will feel uncomfortable having your food. The restaurant looks very congested and is a noisy place. It looks like they want to earn more from a small space.
  2. Staff don’t give a f***: You have entered the food court. Manager walks by you three times and doesn’t hear you even after you called him five times for your order. You keep on finding the waiters but they all are inside kitchen helping cooks. So, you have to wait until some authorized person spot you and ask you what you are here for! Hence slow service.
  3. Doesn’t feel like a restaurant: The interior look as if designer was in hurry. Dining chairs are not comfortable to sit on. You won’t feel a proper dining experience. You may rather feel like Haldiram’s food court for some reason.
  4. Not recommended for North Indian and Chinese food: Sagar Ratna is famous for its South Indian delicacies. But as they are expanding for North Indian franchises, they are including North Indian and Chinese food to attract all kind of foodies, however, they completely loose the ground on that.
  5. Not recommended for South Indian food either: It does not have the huge variety of South Indian cuisine that a South Indian food chain must offer. Menu concentrates on North Indian and Chinese food more, which is confusing. It was missing the items like the Pongal and Bissi Bela Bath that are a must on the menu of a south Indian /Udipi restaurant.
  6. No orders after 10:35PM: You read it correct, no orders from table or outside!

RATINGS: 2 out of 5



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