Gwalior gets first DC design car, A Renault Duster [VIDEO]


Gwalior gets first DC design car, A Renault Duster [VIDEO] (3)

Did you said Gwalior vaasi cannot change? If yes, then your are horribly wrong, because we have spotted a DC Design Renault Duster near Jayendra Ganj in Gwalior and can make a Range Rover Evoque blush. This Renault won’t look like a Duster if you see its face, but from the rear you can point that, “Hey, your a Renault Duster damn it”. That said, this strict 4 seat DC SUV is totally what-the-hell-is-this from inside out.

Dilip Chhabria, the founder of DC Design says that this modification can be yours for Rs. 3.49 lakh. We don’t know much this Gwalior vaasi paid for this mod. But this kind of modification clearly shows that public of Gwalior is changing in terms of automotive psychology. Everyone wants to buy something different or make something different about their car.

This alien Duster is fitted with new front fascia and a Star War inspired headlamps. The Renault logo is replaced by DC logos for front and rear. Step inside you it will make you feel nothing less than a Mercedes S-Class. Interior along with dashboard gets leather and faux wood, and at the back you only have six-way adjustable two seats like a gentleman way along with a LCD screen equipped behind the drivers seat. Impressed huh? Gwalior is surely changing bro!


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