Gwalior businessman to file defamation proceedings against India Today


Gwalior businessman to file defamation proceedings against India Today (3)

Gwalior, 29 October 2014: One of the leading businessman of Gwalior, Arvind Agarwal is to start defamation proceedings against editor of India Today, alleging that cover story published by the magazine defamed his identity.

Gwalior-based Arvind Agarwal, who has recently purchased Triumph Rocket III Roadster along with two Mercedes-Benz cars is being regularly interviewed by media houses, is in the process to issue notices against the editor of India Today Magazine, Hindi edition.

“Yesterday evening somebody told me that I was in the current issue of India Today (Hindi). I was shocked to read the contents of the article. First of all they have not taken any statement from me. Version, which they have printed on my name, is fabricated. On contacting that gentleman, he replied that my seniors had manipulated the story,” says Arvind in response to SouLSteer query.

India Today is an Indian English-language weekly magazine. It is published by Aroon Purie. At present, India Today is published in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam.

In a legal notice which will be sent to India Today, Arvind Agarwal has asked the publication to retract stories that were written without his statement and also release corrigenda on the publication’s next issue of India Today magazine.

“I hereby call upon you to forthwith withdraw the defamatory article from your website and from any other media through which the same has been made available,” said Arvind in the notice, which SouLSteer has reviewed. “I further call upon you to issue necessary corrigenda on your website and on all other media through which you have made the defamatory article available to all individuals and entities, expressing your unconditional apology for defaming Arvind Agarwal in the manner brought out herein above, forthwith within 24 hours from receipt of this notice.”

Arvind threatened to initiate legal proceedings, if the demands were not complied with.

“In the event of your failure to do so, Arvind Agarwal will initiate appropriate civil and/or criminal proceedings against you entirely at your risk, cost and consequences,” Arvind said. “Arvind Agarwal further makes a claim of Rs.1 crore as damages for the loss of reputation and goodwill already suffered through the circulation of the defamatory articles for which you are liable jointly and severally.”

Arvind Agarwal will issue notice to India Today for articles that have appeared on the issue of 5 November 2014, the story was about exclusive and passionate lifestyle of people from smaller towns. The cover story article starts from page 17.

“A gentleman from India Today approached me for a picture of mine with the bike. He told me that they are planning a story where they want to show that people living in smaller towns are also having a good life style & open to buy high end products which were limited to metros only till now. He also assured that he would speak to me if the story gets approved,”Arvind told to SouLSteer. He further said, “This is totally unacceptable rather I would call it unethical journalism. There is difference between a teenager’s and a grown up businessman’s mind. What kind of childish and immature statement they have printed. People spend for their happiness & their hobbies not to show what can they afford. If somebody wants to show off, there are thousands of other ways to flaunt without eroding their money. Such issues are very sensitive in smaller towns where literally everybody knows each other”.

Defamation is the general term for a legal claim involving injury to one’s reputation caused by false statements of fact and includes both libel and slander. The crux of a defamation claim is falsity. Truthful statements that harm another’s reputation will not create liability for defamation (although they may open you up to other forms of liability if the information you publish is of a personal or highly private nature).


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