Graffiti: Roughness. Sharpness and Terrorism.

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Graffiti Roughness. Sharpness and Terrorism.

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  1. A chicken’s life is ova before it starts
  2. A comedian who loses 50% of his writers is a half-wit
  3. A corckscrew may be twisted, but it’s still a symbol of hospitality
  4. A dandy can turn a girl’s head and everyone else’s stomach
  5. A flirt is as strong as her weakest wink
  6. A good executive is known by the company he keeps solvent
  7. A great day starts when you weigh 2lbs. less than you though you would
  8. A lucky bank account holder today is anyone who still has one
  9. A treasure map shows you all the roads without the tolls
  10. A well-balances meal to a kid is a candy bar in each hand
  11. A woman is as young as she feels like admitting to
  12. Acupuncture works –you never see a sick porcupine
  13. Advertising makes you crave things you never knew existed
  14. After 40 we send “thank you” notes to people for forgetting our birthday
  15. All hospital rooms are expensive care units today
  16. Anyone who believes “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” never tried to start a fire in a fireplace
  17. Are there enough hippies left to do a revival of “hair”?
  18. Ask any skeleton about an out-of-body experience
  19. Bald Guys never have hair-brained ideas
  20. Be flamboyant –today “living within your means” is mucking-up the economy
  21. Beat the blues –cheer-up someone else
  22. Beware of a first kiss that speaks volumes
  23. Bigamy is hope’s triumph over experience
  24. Build a better mouse trap and the IRS will beat a path to your door
  25. Cardiologists make heart-earned money
  26. Campus police are dorm troopers
  27. Can’t we at least turn the fiscal cliff into a slope?
  28. Cell phones have left Clark Kent without a booth to change in
  29. Churches run on souler energy
  30. Class reunion –getting together to see who’s falling apart
  31. Cocktail lounge –a half- lit room filled with half-lit people
  32. Could you stand seeing a replay of your whole day?
  33. Darwin got it backwards –humans can turn into monkeys
  34. Dilemma –too many simple answers, too few simple questions
  35. Do not wash –this is test dirt
  36. Do what you can and hope a higher power will do what you can’t
  37. Don’t give in church –be good for nothing
  38. Doubt makes the mountain that faith can make disappear
  39. Driver-ins have G-rated movies and R-rated cars
  40. Earth –no deposit –no return
  41. Electric toothbrushes prove that tooth is stronger than friction
  42. Eve was an adam balm
  43. Evil is live backwards
  44. Exercise and diet at the same time –open and close your refrigerator door 100 times
  45. Flattery –the applause that refreshes
  46. Future robots can do all the things we put off until tomorrow
  47. Garbage is a collector’s item
  48. Girls on their toes seldom get swept off their feet
  49. God measures success by the weight of a heart –not a wallet
  50. Good fences are more comfortable for gossiping
  51. Good medicine discovers how to make health contagious
  52. Having an open mind is not to be confused with a hole-in-the-head
  53. He who hesitates is five miles past his exit
  54. Here’s the decision –peace on earth …or earth in pieces
  55. How come a lot of virile men are too weak for indoor work?
  56. How come you never know a famous artist until he’s dead?
  57. How soon can we expect computers to mow the law?
  58. I can’t fathom oceanography
  59. I just love thanksgiving dinner –everyone’s so …grateful
  60. I may not be as good as I once thought -but just once I’d like to be as good as I was
  61. If all your dreams are reruns you’ve hit middle age
  62. If at first you succeed, try and hide your astonishment
  63. If I’m only half-drunk, it’s because I ran out of money
  64. If it weren’t for successful H.S.Dropouts, who’d hire the college graduates?
  65. If life worked like baseball you could be traded to another family
  66. If one picture speaks a thousand words… a museum speaks volumes
  67. If you’re looking for things in a hurry, -expect trouble
  68. If you’re too wrapped up in yourself, change into something casual
  69. Igloos are domiciles
  70. Ignorance of the law rarely keeps some attorneys from practicing it
  71. Income tax is the entry fee to the rat race
  72. It’s good bet that the person asking for a divorce has already fallen in love
  73. It’s no good being a self-made man if nobody respects the workmanship
  74. It’s smart never to forget your amnesia
  75. I’ve seen the writing on the wall-it’s a forgery
  76. Kindness ~truly better to give than to receive
  77. Licence plate in Hollywood (Just Remarried)
  78. Little boys soon outgrow your small change
  79. Lust never sleeps
  80. May junkyard cars rust in peace
  81. Money may be the root of all evil, but it still doesn’t grow on trees
  82. Most women don’t buy life insurance –they marry for it
  83. My army drill instructor’s license plate is HUP-2-3-4
  84. Neurotics are self-taut
  85. Never judge a nose job at face value
  86. Never hand out good advice –someone might take it
  87. Never talk to your pet rock –it’s stone deaf
  88. Never vote on an empty stomach
  89. No one has ever been accused of choosing bad relatives
  90. Nostalgia is a thing of the past
  91. Nothing makes people more suspicious than the facts
  92. Now it’s not just the elevation that’s high in Colorado
  93. Nuns do things out of force of habit
  94. Obesity is just desserts
  95. Obstetricians may have to go back to home delivery
  96. Optimists think the future will pay for what we owe the past
  97. Our company’s accountant is just a figurehead
  98. People who live in big cities are often stuck-up
  99. People who love the supine position tend to lie down on the job
  100. People who shoot off their mouths never run out of ammo
  101. People with anything valuable to say rarely become orators
  102. People with bunions really know the agony of de feet
  103. Please fill out the form below do not abbrev
  104. Powdered milk is an udder fraud
  105. Remember when Daycare centers were called “HOME”?
  106. Remember when fallout was something that happened to your hair?
  107. Revenge is sweet –but not on the receiving end
  108. Safety is something a lot of people learn by accident
  109. Shouldn’t the hotline have a connection to a dial-a-prayer?
  110. Skip school –no one will be the wiser…..Especially you
  111. Some banks need a bawling out
  112. Somethink teaching someone to be good takes less effort than practicing it
  113. Sooner or later, “these trying times” become “the good ol’ days”
  114. Space exploration –finding a parking space in any shopping maul
  115. Sure –live it up –but be prepared to live it down
  116. Take up karate and learn how to break bricks with your cast
  117. Taking up cross-country running? –pick a small country
  118. Teaching kids to count is fine –teaching kids what counts is best
  119. Teenaged boy: -too old to be a teddy bear –too young to be a wolf
  120. Television is elevator music for the eyes
  121. Temper is a valuable possession –don’t lose it
  122. The best safety device is a rear view mirror with a cop car in it
  123. The cheese in a mousetrap is always FREE
  124. The easiest way to change the world is to become a historian
  125. The hardest instrument to play is second fiddle
  126. The high cost of poverty has gone up 30%
  127. The man of the hour is the guy whose wife asked him to wait a minute
  128. The more data you buy, the cheaper it gets
  129. The only thing you have to know about money matters is that it matters
  130. The past only looks good when you’re living in the present
  131. The tree of liberty can survive only so much grafting
  132. There’s no aftershave cologne that smells like success
  133. This TV season has hit new highs in lows
  134. To err is human, to forgive is not company policy
  135. To some people, having a head cold is the same as having an idea
  136. To some people, ‘standing in the presence of greatness’ means standing alone
  137. Today is sky day –take a cloud to lunch
  138. Today, it’s chic to be cheap
  139. Today, the urbanite wants to buy the house in the country the farmer can’t wait to sell
  140. Today’s memoir is more of a whodunit?
  141. Today’s movies and TV shows give sex and crime a bad name
  142. Too many arguments are an exchange of mutual ignorance
  143. TV: People with nothing to day talking to people who aren’t listening
  144. What’s the antidote for wheat germ?
  145. When an airline raises its prices, is it called skyjacking?
  146. When you get the second cup free, it’s called a coffee break
  147. Why were the suburbs built in snubdivisions?
  148. Will the do-it-yourself craze ever get around to thinking?
  149. Would your dog pick you for a best friend?
  150. You can ruin the present worrying about how the past will affect the future
  151. You can spot an egoist by the gleam in his “I”
  152. You can’t crow like a rooster and then chicken out
  153. You can’t win at Tennis without raising a racket
  154. You could think of TV as a form of air pollution
  155. You have to exert push before you earn pull
  156. You’ll never find an egotist in a collection of shrunken heads
  157. Your mind is your own little corner of the world


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