First New Gen Mahindra Scorpio of ‪Gwalior‬


First New Gen Mahindra Scorpio of ‪Gwalior‬ (2)

Gwalior, 29 September 2014: New Gen Mahindra Scorio was launched on 25 September in Mumbai and someone buys it in Gwalior after mere 4 days. That’s the power of enthusiastic car guys of Gwalior. We were passing by Gwalior Railway Station area where we saw this full-size SUV parked behind Tata Safari Storme. It looks like it has been delivered some hours back.

First New Gen Mahindra Scorpio of ‪Gwalior‬ (1)

The front end of the Scorpio looks very aggressive whereas the rear black cladding doesn’t have a good quality. This model was 8 seater with a diamond white paint job. The dual projector headlamps gives a roar in front styling of Scorpio along with those stylish LED eyebrows. With such facelift the new gen Scorpio does gives a more amazing feeling from the previous one. And by the way Scorpio devotees will buy it no matter what happens!

First New Gen Mahindra Scorpio of ‪Gwalior‬ (3)



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