First all new Honda CR-V enters in Gwalior


First all new Honda CR-V enters in Gwalior

In Gwalior, there are many people who wish for a long life. But there are also those who have different roles and who live life really very fast. Playing many roles in one day, of a father, a sportsman, a cook, a boss, a gardener, an adventurer, an artist, a doctor or a celebrity. And those who are into the latter¬†category¬†chose the all-new Honda CR-V. Because its a car for unstoppable souls, for those who don’t care about the rising price of diesel or petrol, they just care about the driving feel and their inexhaustible love for a real car.

All new CRV comes in two variants, one is 2.0L 2WD and other is 2.4L Real Time 4WD, what we captured in streets of Gwalior was 2.0L variant. Don’t you worry, we are in search for 2.4L too.

2.0L 2WD | 1997cc | SOHC i-VTEC in line, 4 cylinder | 1997cc | Fuel efficiency: 13.7 kmpl | 156 PS | 190 Nm | 2WD Drive system | 1510 kg

Sumedha Honda: +91 9165 0101 10

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