Ferrari FXX, Shumi’s retirement gift


Ferrari FXX, Shumi's retirement gift

Schumacher requested one for a retirement present. Enough said.

Surely the FXX is just a dolled-up Enzo? A car that can’t drive on the road doesn’t deserve a place here? We beg to differ. After all, the 29 FXX owners are getting to develop the next Ferrari hypercar, along with Michael Schumacher. Even in the rarefield world of Ferrari, the FXX guys are special – the hallowed turf of one of the fastest manufacturers on earth is their playground. And with 800bhp-plus, what a toy.

6.3L V12 | DOHC | 4 valves per cylinder | 6-speed sequential | 800bhp | 686Nm | 391 kmph | 1155 kg | Brembo CCM (Carbon-ceramic) disc brakes

Ferrari FXX, Shumi's retirement gift

Image Credit: Rogelio Jiménez

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