“Fast and Furious 7” parody from Poland is a low budget action!


Fast and Furious 7 parody from Poland is a low budget action!

Warsaw, 11 April 2015: What if a low budget college going students would have directed the Furious 7? How the action scenes would be? Well, Artist Cyber Marian from Poland has imagined that and he has directed the trailer of the film in the backyard with his friends.

The parody of Furious 7 got over 31 lakhs video after it got published on April 2. People have liked it so much that the likes on the video crossed 42,307 with just 655 dislikes. The video has gone viral and has been shared in social media around the world.

The actors of the film are Kabaret Malina, Cyber Marian and Randall Martin. Trailer is animated by Randall Martin. Cinematography is done by Randall Martin and Miłosz Domoń. Editing and direction is taken care by Cyber Marian.

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