Fairy tale – the fantasy of how our life would be


Fairy tale - the fantasy of how our life would be

By Simran Dhingra

It’s weird rather overwhelming how as kids we always believed in FAIRY TALES—the fantasy of how our life would be, pretty lacy dresses, PRINCE charming, the dreadful villain and at the end the good triumphing over the evil! Back then the FAIRY Bug bit all and sundry, not even one was unfamiliar or unaccustomed to the notion of ONCE UPON A TIME AND HAPPILY EVER AFTERS. Just a quick glance or even the slightest mention of FAIRY TALES ,was more than enough to stimulate us so much so that we would lie in bed at night , cuddling our cute little teddy bears with fancy names like MR.SNUGGLES, MR. MUCHKIN , Close our eyes and hark each word with absolute and utter faith. TOOTH FAIRY , THE FAIRY GODMOTHER , TINKERBELL , SANTA CLAUS seemed so close that we could almost feel their breath , experience their majestic aura and hear their heart pounding.

We lived as they lived , laughed as they laughed and died as they died and with each fable and tale we practically lived a 1000 different lives, reminiscing ,rejoicing and savoring each moment. We could relate with the UGLY duckling because at some point in our life we felt like THE UGLY DUCKING and just this faith that yes, one day even I will turn into this magnificent swan held our morale up and kept us going. The LITTLE MERMAID seemed to be THE PARAGON worth all the adoration and affection because it had a sort of dreamy quality, incorporating the idea of sacrificing to achieve your dreams and accepting the repercussions of your actions. THE Frog prince made us look past the outward appearances and turned out to be the epitome of the idiom- HANDSOME IS THAT HANDSOME DOES while Cinderella gave us a reason to still believe that JUSTICE PREVAILS and that against all the odds, the happy times will be back, sooner or later.

Unanticipated or should I say ironically , before we even come to know of it , its each one of us who get transformed into ALICE (from Alice in wonderland) hallucinating or pondering over a plethora of fairy tales which seems our likely WONDERLAND.

But eventually as the years roll by the MAGIC SPELL breaks , the FAIRY TALE FASCINATION fades , the enchantment ends and the most tragic of all – we GROW UP and WE GROW OUT of the childhood chimera, WHAT felt like our reality , entity our life then, suddenly turns into a mirage , a mere illusion now . THE WORLD OF HOPEFUL DREAMS turns into a WORLD OF IRREDEEMABLE LIES and it all seems like a sheer fabrication , a figment of our own imagination as If it never existed.

It’s not like it never existed or it was never there, it is there and it will be there but it probably isn’t for you anymore because you gave up on it, you gave up on that KID in you, the dreaminess in you. You became numb and phlegmatic to its existence, you turned a deaf ear, a blind eye and a desensitized hand to even hear, visualise or touch its very core.

It is a commonly held cliché that as kids we are meant to be gullible and susceptible. We are credulous enough to believe this world of fairy tales without questioning its very existence and subsistence. But as a kid, is that our GULLIBILTY or sheer PURITY OF THOUGHTS AND MIND

That’s a question that each one of us should be asking ourselves…!!

As we age and evolve and seek for what we had contemplated all these years, we end up being in a fix, all helter –shelter because we fish for those larger than life castles, prince charming on well – bred horses, embellished outfits, fairy godmothers with magic wands and that’s the point when all these fairy tales turn into COCK AND BULL STORIES.

While doing so, is it the fairy tales who are at fail or its us who have failed the fairy tales?

Fairy tales never came up with the tag that every fairy tale has to have a godmother or a prince charming in that very form. And who knows while looking out for those super glamorous over the top pre-notion plebeians, we may have actually missed out or mal-treated the godmother or the prince charming we ever had. The godmother doesn’t necessarily have to come in a quaint house cart or have a magic wand. Instead of relating to her majestic power of benevolence and appeal, we get mesmerized by her particularized possessions. So, how can we ever have a fairy tale this way?

And if a PRINCE CHARMING is just someone who will come in extravagant attire and abscond away with you on a horse, then I am sorry to say your PRINCE CHARMING IS not coming anytime soon. Somehow, this mentality of ours has BLURRED the larger picture. FAIRYTALES TAUGHT US to Constantly believe in ourselves and turn the ugly duckling within us into a beautiful swan, never reconcile to the unpleasant conditions, infact create favorable conditions for yourself like Cinderella and that there is BEAUTY RESIDING DEEP WITH EVERY BEAST, we just have to look past through it. Besides, nothing has changed since Little Red Riding Hood faced the big bad wolf. What frightens us today is exactly the same sort of thing that frightened us yesterday. It’s just a different wolf, a different poisoned apple.

What fairy tales didn’t acquaint us with is that instead of one CRUELA DEVIL, or a wolf or step-mother or a vindictive witch, we might have to FACE Plenitudes AND MULTITUDES .many a times FALSEHOOD might win over TRUTH, THE BAD GUY IN BLACK CAPE might seem to be the perfect PRINCE CHARMING, princes and princesses might appear FOR COMPETITIVE EXAMS, striking a balance between their personal and professional life. Of course, career is more of a recently developed idea. Love however, is an eternal and omnipresent concept.

It is widely said that fairy tales make us believe that life will always be an easy ride, a cakewalk. It is an impractical way of looking at life. But weren’t they the first eye-openers for us that made us aware of the harsh, cruel cut-throat world? “Fairy tales at least for me were not my escape from reality as a child; rather, they were my reality — for me it was a world in which good and evil was not abstract concepts, and like fairy-tale heroines, no magic would save me unless I had the wit and heart and courage to use it wisely.

I just wish that someday , people who have held the very notion of FAIRY TALES as redundant and utopian and have closed all doors for fairy tales from their so called PRACTICAL and REAL LIFE ,come to terms with the fact that FAIRY TALES do happen but only then, when u make them happen. I hope that they revive and rejuvenate the child within them again who still BELIEVES IN FAIRY TALES and regain THEN FAIRY TALE FANTASY BACK AGAIN because I guess no one will ever be too old to read , listen , believe in fairy tales or even make or live their very own fairy tale for that matter.


Author is a head girl of Little Angels High School, Gwalior. 



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