Dutch Royal guests rides in Volvo


Nederland, Den Haag, 25 april 2013 Koninklijke Volvo's bij de Koninklijke Stallen Foto: Thomas Schlijper

Volvo Cars takes care of the transport of Royal guests in the Netherlands today. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands will abdicate today and her son, Willem-Alexander, Prince of Orange, will be inaugurated as the new King of the Netherlands. Volvo Cars Netherlands has delivered fifteen Volvo S80 cars to provide transport for Royal guests around the event.

“There aren’t many moments like this,” says Richard Snijders, Managing Director at Volvo Cars Netherlands. “It is very special to be a part of this ceremony in this way.”

The Volvos received special care before delivery and were subjected to an extensive inspection. Following the inspection, all S80s were brought together at the Royal Stables in The Hague for a photoshoot.

News Source: Volvo

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