Ducati 848 EVO: The Gods Must Be Crazy


Ducati 848 EVO The Gods Must Be Crazy (10)

There is no other way something as insane as a Ducati 848 EVO would have come to Gwalior. And then, we are let loose on one

Excerpts From an Interview with owner

198bhp HAYABUSA?    Let me ask you a question, Pagani Zonda F or Ferrari 458? If you say Ferrari then you know my answer and if you say Zonda then you’ll never understand. Between class and power I go for class. Didn’t buy the bike for speed mate, my dream was always to own a Ducati. I love bikes and Ducati represents the pinnacle of that passion

NICKNAME?    After every ride I give her a kiss and I refer the bike as “her”

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AWKWARD COMMENT?    It was my second day in Gwalior, a guy comes to me in a Pulsar, revs a bit and said, “want to play?”

FIRST SIGHT?    I saw it on the internet, after one and a half years, in 2010 Ducati 848 came to India, and I bought it in February 2011

TOP SPEED?    210kph at Delhi-Jaipur Highway and I did 180kph in Gwalior at Race Course road and City Centre

CELEB YOU IMAGINE YOURSELF?    Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (Tom Cruise) from the movie Top Gun, I get a feeling like that

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RIDING SONG?    “Riders on the Storm” by The Doors. I love its remix version feat. Snoop Dogg

FIRST BIKE?    Hero Honda CBZ, after 3 years I bought Honda CBR600RR and after 7 years  I bought Ducati 848 EVO

RACING?    I don’t really want to race with this, need for speed is gone with this bike. With my Honda CBR600RR I use to do drag races and all

DREAM CARS?    Ferrari 458 Italia. And my all-time favourite are Lamborghini Countach and Ferrari 360 Modena

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KEEPING BIKE KEYS?    It’s with me all the time


PARKING ZONE    I park only where I can keep eye on it, because once I left CBR and someone tear the seat with blade or a key

LIKES    I like the sound, a sense of freedom when you ride the bike and the sheer power underneath you

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ENJOY THE ATTENTION OR YOU FEEL EMBARRASED?    I enjoy it, wherever I stop in the city, I am surrounded with at least 10 people. Even while riding, everyone stares the bike

WHAT IF SOMEONE TOOK A KEY AND SCRATCHED THE FUEL TANK?    !@##%CENSORED*&#…I regret that guy when he was born

NEXT BIKE?    Ducati 1199 Panigale or BMW S1000RR

MESSAGE TO SS FATERNITY    Don’t worry about what you ride, doesn’t matter you are f**king riding a Pulsar or CBZ, it’s all man not the machine at the end of the day

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Engine: 849.4cc, L-Twin cyl, Power: 140bhp, Torque: 98Nm, Gearbox: 6M, 0-100kph: 3secs, Top Speed: 256kph, Kerb Weight: 168kg, Economy: 20kpl

Setback:  ₹17.5 lakh (on-road)


Things don’t get extreme than this, and we not just talking about performance.



  1. Sai Krishna says

    Between Pagani Zonda and Ferrari 458? Class and Power? Zonda aint Class? uh oh. another uninformed sbk owner. dayyum! love the 458, but the zonda is magical. and yes, the ducati is way more class than the busa, not denying that, but this man doesnt know his cars as well as his bikes.

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