First Dubai metro suicide case involves Indian



Impaired from the specific home environment a 36-year old Indian committed suicide on Dubai Metro track. Its a first such case ever in the UAE transport system. He threw himself under a train after being refused by his employer from returning back to India.

He has identified as HU, he was working in Dubai since 2010 and had asked his company to cancel his residency visa and send him home.

General Khamis Al Muzaina, Deputy Director of Dubai Police, said a man, Indian, climbed over the security fence of the Metro in front of Jumeirah Lake Towers and started walking on the track until he was hit and run over by one of the metro.

Wish his employer must have understood his helplessness and separation anxiety. We think, Indian should be in India, home will always be a home, go to different countries but only for tours.

Image Credit: Ramesh Lalwani

Dec 7, 2012 at 8:16pm

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