DMC Ferrari 458 “ESTREMO” Bike is unique


DMC Ferrari 458 ESTREMO Bike is unique (5)

Monaco is Europe’s playing field for the wealthy and powerful. For the third time consecutively, Luxury tuner DMC will be exhibiting in the annual Top Marques Super Car exhibition. The event takes place from April 17th to 21st in the Grimaldi Forum in Monte Carlo, the perfect venue for such exclusive automobiles.

While DMC’s own booth (B9) will be showcasing the Limited Edition Aventador SV (10 of 10), a rather unique project was done with No-Limit-Custom: The bespoke motorcycle builder created a twin bike for DMC’s Limited Edition 458 “ESTREMO” ! Besides the stunning color, the 2 beasts share the same wheel style, the same carbon fiber and the same monster appearance and sound!

While regular cars are often a good mix of business-opportunity and emotion , DMC uses their Limited Edition series to fully play the passion factor. The “What could be possible” scenario gives DMC’s engineers the freedom to create the latest high-tech, without any boundaries. The very same was done with the company’s 458 “ESTREMO”

The “ESTREMO”, Italian for Extreme, is limited to to 15 highly exclusive  sets world-wide. In addition, every 3rd client will receive a Gold-Edition which features additional F1 carnards and a Custom Owner Plate signed by the car’s designer. Naturally the Gold series is limited to 5 kits. The automobile is based on the base of the Ferrari 458. A hot blooded sports car you may think, but its just good enough as a base car for DMC. Besides adding more power and a stunning new body, the weight of the car was reduced dramatically. While Maranello loves using carbon fiber on the Italia, DMC further improved upon it.



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