DMC Elegante Styling kit gifted to Ferrari 458 Italia


DMC Elegante Styling kit gifted to Ferrari 458 Italia (2)

DMC has generally been much-publicized for Lamborghini, but their recent makeover for the F12 Berlinetta Ferrari was a sensation which made the luxury tuner greedy for more. By set loose the 458 “Elegante”, the Germans caught on market share in the Maranello quarter. One of the fine examples of this DMC kit can be seen on a 458 that was freshly knock together by Luxury Custom in Switzerland. The photos were captured by Swiss Rich Streets, TM SuperCars Photography and FD Car Photography.

The Body Kit, is a extensive furtherance upon the OEM look. Pursuing DMC attitude, it features an whole new, aggressive new look, which is put together by a complete aerodynamic package: It includes front lips, side skirts and other details that look great while supporting a better road feel. It’s worthwhile to mention that DMC guarantees again no visible damage by using their components, the car can be, at any time, be brought backto the OEM look, which can be valuable.



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