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“True Luxury requires genuine materials and the craftman’s sincerity. It is only meaningful when it respects tradition“. Christian Dior.

DIOR is the ultimate symbol of elegance, excellence and luxury. In the 21st Century, DIOR continues to define elegance and style with the same audacity that inspired Monsieur Dior when he launched his house.

Christian Dior was a visionary. Beginning with his first collection in 1947 he rewrote the rules of modern elegance and imposed his style on the entire world. He brought women his vision of beauty and happiness. He showed unprecedented creative originality.

“I create so that each and every woman is the most beautiful“. Christian Dior.

From the renowned Bar suit to the grandest evening gowns, the famous Lady Dior bag to the Dior VIII watch and Bois de Rose jewellery, the Dior Addict lipstick and the best selling J’adore perfume, DIOR’s creations constitute an unmatched universe.

Christian Dior’s vision has always been ahead of its time, fascinating women with his ability to combine utmost modernity with timeless elegance.

Address: Christian Dior S.A., 30 avenue Montaigne, 75008 PARIS, France, R.C.S. Paris 582 110 987

Call: India, +91 85879 00458

Website: Dior

Categories: Dior VIII Grand Bal “Resille” Model | Ceramic Timepiece | Diamond-head | Bracelet | Dior Inverse | Calibre | Oscillating weight | 22 Carat gold set | 182 Diamonds | Power



(TOP)  Dior VIII: Pink gold, diamonds and creamic. Automatic movement. 40-hour power reserve.


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