Different Norwegian Casino Bonus Offers You May Find On The Internet


Different Norwegian Casino Bonus Offers You May Find On The Internet

The number of online casinos is increasing at a rapid rate and it is not shocking. Gambling is addictive, fun and if your luck is with you, offers easy money. Just search for online casinos and you will hit hundreds of online casinos on the internet. One of the most fascinating things about the online casinos is that all the games we love are out there with superior advanced versions.

Software programmers who actually develop the online gambling games are masters of the craft and leave no stones unturned to ensure that users enjoy the games with passion and curiosity. However, for online casino owners, the competition is tough and they often come up with some lucrative offers. If you are a gambling enthusiast, you must have heard about best Norwegian casino bonus offers on the internet. It is a strategy to invite customers to their doorsteps.

Casino bonus is actually a gift from the casino owners to the customers. There are different types of bonuses offered to the users and sometimes it may lead to misunderstandings and confusions. In this post, we have tried to explain different types of bonuses and what they actually mean.


Before we start on different casino bonuses, let’s understand a critical term that every casino player should know- Playthrough

Most of the casinos have a common rule of the playthrough. For example, they will write it like this: “Before you cash out, play your deposit plus bonus 10x.” Now, what does it mean?

If you have deposited $100 and you have received the bonus $100, it means you have a total amount $200 to play with. Now, if you want to withdraw any winning amount, you must bet your total bet amount at least for 20x. in this example, it simply means $4000 worth of gambles.

Furthermore, some casino games are always excluded in this playthrough. For example, if you have won $1,00,000 IN Black-jack, you will not be able to withdraw any money as your playthrough is counted zero.


No deposit bonus:

It is one of the most sought-after bonuses online. it is simple as the name suggests. You don’t have to deposit anything to get the bonus. Simply sign up for your real player account and get the money. Some casinos will directly deposit the amount in your account and some will ask you to claim through the mail.

Before you claim this bonus enthusiastically, it is recommended that you read the terms and conditions to ensure that there is no foul play or hidden charges associated with the casino bonus.

Match Bonus:

This bonus is given to the users when they deposit any amount. Generally, this bonus is given on percentage wise. For example, if a casino has criteria of 50% match bonus and you deposit $100, you will get the bonus worth $50. it is as simple as that. Nevertheless, there is best Norwegian casino bonus offers available online with 100% to 200% match bonus.

Free Money Bonus:

This is a fix money bonus that you get from the casino irrespective of the amount you deposit. If a casino is offering you an $80 as the bonus, whether you deposit $20 or $200, you will get same $80 bonus.

Sticky Bonus:

A bonus amount that you cannot withdraw. It is given to the users to play with and users cannot cash it. When you withdrew money, this bonus will be deducted from the actual amount.

Exclusive Bonus:

When the casinos make deals with website owners to give some exclusive bonuses to the members, it is called an exclusive bonus.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for any casino you like and start gambling.

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