Detailed: Madhya Pradesh Budget for 2015-16


Detailed Madhya Pradesh Budget for 2015-16

Bhopal, 25 February 2015: Budget presented in Vidhan Sabha today is the budget which will ensure faster development of Madhya Pradesh. The budget has taken care of welfare of all sections of society. It is revenue surplus budget for consecutive 11th year. Below are the salient features of the budget estimates of 2015-16 –

  1. Total expenditure of Rs. 1,31,199.06 crore for the year 2015-16 and appropriation of Rs. 1,42,094 crore.
  2. Revenue surplus of Rs. 5,587.97 crore for the year 2015-16.
  3. Fiscal Deficit for the year 2015-16 is estimated to be Rs. 16,745.33 crore.
  4. Targets set under the Madhya Pradesh Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act, 2005 are expected to be met.
  5. Total Revenue Receipts for the year 2015-16 are estimated to be Rs. 1,14,422.89 crore. Components of the Revenue Receipts are Rs. 43,447.69 crore as State’s Own Tax Revenue; Rs. 30,449.65 crore as share in Central Taxes; Rs. 10,124.28 crore as State’s Own Non-Tax Revenue and Rs. 30,401.27 crore of Central Grants.
  6. State’s Own Tax Revenue estimates are 11.43 percent higher as compared to 2014-15.
  7. Revenue Expenditure of Rs. 1,08,834.92 crore is estimated for the year 2015-16 which is Rs. 9,821.11 crore more than Rs. 99,013.81 crore for the year 2014-15.
  8. Opening balance of Rs.(-) 129.32 crore is estimated for the year 2015-16. Net transactions during the year are estimated to be Rs. (-)383.79 crore. Hence, closing balance at the end of the year is estimated to be Rs. (-)513.11 crore.
  9. Plan expenditure for the year 2015-16 is estimated to be Rs. 60,348.88 crore as against Rs. 54,290.15 crore for the year 2014-15. Thus, an increase of Rs. 6,058.73 is estimated in Plan expenditure.
  10. Budget estimates of Tribal sub-plan have increased from Rs. 11,749.67 crore for the year 2014-15 to Rs. 12,688.58.
  11. Budget estimates of Scheduled caste sub-plan have increased from Rs. 7,903.80 crore for the year 2014-15 to Rs. 9,064.41 crore for the year 2015-16.
  12. Budget of 2015-16 is inspired by the aim to realise ‘Make in Madhya Pradesh’ by increasing employment opportunities for youth of the state and by increasing production capacities.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that the budget aims at fulfilling targets of Vision-2018 for Madhya Pradesh’s development. The budget involving about Rs. one lakh 31 thousand 199 crore is 12 percent more than last year. In it, capital expenditure has increased by 13.8 percent and revenue expenditure only 9.9 percent. In comparison to gross state domestic product, loans have reduced to 19.6 percent from 20.7 percent last year. Loan interest payment compared to revenue receipts is only 7.04 percent, which was 22 percent during year 2003-04. Compared to revenue receipts, expenditure of payment of salaries/allowances has decreased constantly which will be reduced to only 22.63 percent during current fiscal.

Expressing gratitude towards Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Finance Minister Jayant Malaiya, Industries, Sports and Youth Welfare Minister Yashodhara Raje Scindia has said that this year’s budget will further strengthen industrial possibilities in the state. Scindia said that a sum of Rs. 1781 crore has been provisioned this year for investment promotion assistance, industrial infrastructure development and self-employment schemes which is Rs. 691 crore more than last year.

Minister Maya Singh said that Madhya Pradesh government’s budget for year 2015-15 denotes that the state government is committed to ensuring all-round development with efficient fiscal management in the right direction. She said that it is the result of efficient fiscal management that overdraft was not need even for once during previous years. She said that this budget has succeeded to make available adequate resources as per requirement.

Labour, Backwards Classes and Minorities, De-notified, Nomadic and Semi-nomadic Tribes Welfare Minister Antar Singh Arya while welcoming state’s budget for year 2015-16 described it as a budget for welfare of weaker sections of society. Arya said that budget for all departments has been increased compared to last year, which will ensure faster development of the state.

Medical Education, Public Health & Family Welfare Minister Dr. Narottam Mishra has said that the budget presented in Vidhan Sabha today is the one to ensure more effective health services in Madhya Pradesh. The budget has attached priority to infrastructure development while Rs. 5389 crore has been provisioned for medical and public health services. Dr. Mishra lauded provisions of the budget.

Public Relations, Energy, New & Renewable Energy and Mineral Resources Development Minister Rajendra Shukla has welcomed the state budget for year 2015-16 tabled in Vidhan Sabha by Finance Minister Jayant Malaiya today. Shukla said that the budget has taken care of every section’s development, welfare and trust. He described the budget as motivational specially for youths, farmers, labourers and entrepreneurs.

How much amount for development heads

  1. Agriculture & Allied Activities got Rs. 5,158.37 crore
  2. Rural Development got Rs. 12,628.26 crore
  3. Irrigation and Flood Control got Rs. 6,255.83 crore
  4. Industry and Mining got Rs. 1,940.93 crore
  5. Transport got Rs. 3,929.44 crore
  6. Science, Technology and Environment got Rs. 267.97 crore
  7. General Economic Services got Rs. 661.01 crore
  8. Social Services got Rs. 26,206.14 crore
  9. General Services got Rs. 1,733.06 crore


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