Detail of action: Virat Kohli, right-handed batsman of Indian cricket team


Detail of action Virat Kohli, right-handed batsman of Indian cricket team

  • Age: 26
  • Height: 5’6”
  • Job: Right-handed middle-order batsman
  • Debut: Sri Lanka vs India at Dambulla, 2008
  • Matches: 150
  • Runs: 6232
  • Average: 51.50
  • Strike rate: 90.17
  • Fifties: 33
  • Hundreds: 21

Attitude: Excellent. Kohli’s biggest asset is that he can deal with pressure head-on. He really comes into his own during a big chase. Has the tendency to lose his cool, though.

Capability: He has problems against James Anderson’s swing in England, but Kohli’s technique against both pace and spin is top-class.

What it takes: Kohli has a brilliant track record of seeing the team through once he gets set. He can change the tempo of the game anytime.

Jersey number: 18, according to an astrologer, Kohli wears jersey number 19 because 9 (8+1) is his lucky number.

His importance: He is India’s best batsman currently. The team’s entire batting is likely to revolve around him. It is a matter of debate whether he should bat at number 3 or 4, but his form is critical, since he can win a match single-handedly gets his eyes in.



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