Detail of action: Mahendra Singh Dhoni, captain of Indian cricket team


Detail of action Mahendra Singh Dhoni, captain of Indian cricket team

  • Age: 33
  • Height: 5’7”
  • Job: Attacking right-handed middle-order batsman and wicket-keeper
  • Debut: Bangladesh vs India at Chittgong, 2004
  • Matches: 254
  • Average: 52.29
  • Strike rate: 88.84
  • Fifties: 56
  • Hundreds: 9

Attitude: Dhoni has an unflappable demeanour. Looks calm and collected even in dire situations. Adversities bring out the best in him, and he rarely flinched under pressure.

Capability: It’s nothing to rave about, either, in front or behind the stumps. He has created his own style and it has served him brilliantly.

What it takes: Safe behind the wickets and dangerous as a batsman. Can pace the innings to perfection, rallying the tail around him.

Jersey number: 7 is his lucky number and he is never far from it.

His importance: He’s the conductor of the team who reads the game before it pans out. Has the mind of a man who can dispose off a ticking bomb without breaking a sweat.



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