Detail of action: Axar Patel, All-rounder of Indian cricket team


Detail of action Axar Patel, All-rounder of Indian cricket team

  • Age: 21
  • Height: 5’10”
  • Job: Left-hand batsman and slow left-arm orthodox bowler.
  • Debut: Bangladesh vs India at Dhaka, 2014
  • Matches: 13
  • Wickets: 16
  • Bowling Average: 25
  • Bowling Strike rate: 34
  • Best: 3-40
  • Economy Rate: 4.41

Attitude: Still new to big-time cricket, Axar can absorb pressure with calmness. His slow left-arm bowling has proved to be effective in the IPL and earned him experts’ accolades.

Capability: Is a smooth operator. Mostly bowls a flatter trajectory making it hard for the batsmen to slog. Has a terrific game-sense for his age.

What it takes: Keeps it stump-to-stump with clever change of pace which not only stifles the flow of runs but also gets him a wicket.

Jersey number: 20, born on January 20, made his India debut at the age of 20 and has shot into limelight due to T20.

His importance: Axar is a street smart cricketer and is known to think on his feet. His unerring accuracy and ability to go through his overs quickly reduces the stress levels of his skipper. He’s a decent bat but is currently struggling Down Under.



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