Designing and Decorating Fantastic Kids’ Rooms


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When designing kids’ rooms we are met with a challenge of balancing functionality and making them fun and age appropriate. This is especially difficult because kids grow up so fast, and pretty soon their old beds are becoming too small for them, and the design theme you’ve decided for will become boring and “childish”. How to overcome this challenge and make this project less time consuming and expensive in the process? In this article, we’ll give you some foolproof tips that will help you with that.

Sweet pink for the girls, baby blue for the boys… boring, right? Choosing a classy color palette will save you from these clichés and keeping the interest for this room even when your kids grow up. Also, a classic color palette with mainly neutral colors and provide you with a lot of chances to change the rest of the décor without thinking about how all the elements will fit into the scheme.

Play with accent hues

If you want to make it more entertaining, you can still add bright accent hues with wallpaper, stylish rugs, furniture and accessories. You can also go all out with a single accent color line across the wall. Grey bedroom would look amazing paired with exciting greens and reds, while an all-white backdrop can be finished with fashionable purple or hot pink accents.

Chic patterns for playful look

Animal prints, geometric patterns and fashionable stripes have been all the rage in kids’ rooms for some time now. The reason for this is that, while they provide a chic look, they are still giving away a playful vibe typical for children’s bedrooms. Consider wallpaper with intricate prints, chevron patterns or stripes. This way, the wall design will grow with your kids and make a timeless statement.

Make safety your priority

While there is no denying that aesthetics matters in kids’ room, safety is still every parent’s priority. However, the two don’t have to be at odds. There are ways to make the room safer, while still upping the style game. This is the reason why carpet installation is a popular choice. Thanks to them, kids can play on the floor freely and safely. When choosing carpeting opt for organic soft materials, like wool. You can further enhance the safety with round furniture pieces to avoid injuries on cornered items.

Choose furniture that grows with the kids

Speaking of furniture, kids grow out of their tiny beds in no time. Fortunately, there are options such as convertible cribs that can be transformed into actual beds quickly and easily. Such pieces may require larger initial investment, but they certainly pay off.

Use age-appropriate accessories

Unlike the other, more expensive décor elements, you can go wild with accessories, because they are easily replaced as your kids are growing. This goes for toys, bedside lamps and other trinkets. It is the same with bedding. Choosing a superhero-themed bedding, for instance, will not ruin your sophisticated kids’ room décor. It will only make it more child-friendly.

Provide plenty of storage

Finally, if there is a room that requires an abundance of storage solutions, that is kids’ room. They need to have a place to store their clothes, toys, books and other stuff. Invest in storage solutions that can serve your kids well beyond the age eight or nine. Some of the acceptable options are upholstered bedroom bench with hidden storage, wall-mounted bookshelf, large storage boxes and woven baskets.

Designing a kids’ room that is at the same time functional, aesthetically pleasing and playful may be challenging, but it is not impossible. These tips should make it a bit easier. Good luck.

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