Daughter Protection Day: Care daughters during whole year


Daughter Protection Day Care daughters during whole year (11)

We took the resolution last year during the tribute to Damini (the victim of 2012 Delhi gang rape) that every 30 December will be held as Daughter Protection Day with the objective to make people aware about the society for daughters. Above are the words expressed by Mayor Sameeksha Gupta during Daughter Protection Day program organised at Bal Bhavan, Gwalior.

Women, men and all students present at Daughter Protection Day made the resolution that not only today but throughout the year we will protect and respect daughters then only we will be able to pay a real tribute to Damini.

Daughter Protection Day Care daughters during whole year (7)

Distinguished brave and talented daughters of the city were awarded during the program

During the event, Vice-Chancellor of Jiwaji University Prof. Sangeeta Shukla said, “We should first worry about the literacy of daughters, approx. 50% of daughters cannot study after 10th and 12th, only 12% daughters get the higher education. We do need to give daughters equal status in each field”.

Whereas Vice-Chancellor of Raja Man Singh Tomar University Prof. Swatantra Sharma said for daughters’safety and dignity every section of the society has to come forward and people will have to change their mindset.

Director of Mental Health Hospital Dr. Jyoti Bindal said after 2012 Delhi gang rape various laws were made but still the tyranny have increased about 6.8 percent, she said we need to improve the level of education among us.

At the program, Joint Director Women and Child Development Suresh Tomar said daughters and women in our culture are spaced as goddess but still people in society have oppressed them. He further told that as per 1961 census 1000 sons per 976 daughters but as per 2011 census the situation have deteriorated with 1000 sons per 914 daughters and when we talk about Gwalior district the situation is even worse with 1000 sons per 832 daughters whereas in Morena 1000 sons per 825 daughters which is alarming and embarrassing for us. The program was operated by Sandeep Jain. MIC Member Laxmi Sharma, Pushplata Rathore, Smita Verma, Lions Club, JCI Club, Rotary Club, Jiwaji Club, GICTS, VISM, IIITM and other schools and colleges students were present at the event.



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