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Scavolini has been producing kitchens for over 50 years. Vast experience built up over time, responding to the tastes and trends of almost three generations of consumers. From a small workshop the company has grown to major industrial status, pursuing its growth aims through all the necessary stages with toughness and determination with absolute respect for the public at large, and in harmony with the needs of its surrounding area.

Its history – a crescendo of initiatives reflecting its ability to adapt innovatively to changes in taste, lifestyle and the market and the advent of each wave of new technologies – is a striking example of corporate growth, nowadays taken as the benchmark model for the entire industry.

Scavolini has been Italy’s leading kitchen brand since 1984.

A large industrial concern, capable of organising a complex production process that enables it to create kitchens of high quality value for households of all cultures and taste, at competitive costs, it is the company that best succeeds in satisfying the consumer’s most varied, concrete demands in terms of styling, functionality, safety and durability: qualities recognised and appreciated by many households, for whom the Scavolini brand offers the best furnishing opportunities together with highly reliable contents.

With more than 50 years on the kitchens market behind it, Scavolini is one of Italian industry’s most modern, important production models, and its brand strategy continues to be rewarded with impressively large figures, and growing success at the international level.

Scavolini deals in kitchens, living, bathrooms, tables and chairs.

Address: Italy – Via Risara, 60/70 – 74/78, 61025 Montelabbate (PU) / ITALIA | India – 30 Community Center East of Kailash, 110065 – New Delhi

Call: Italy – +39 0721 4431, 0039-0721-443.333 | India – +91-9810162207


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