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Under Aggarwal’s proficient foresight KAZO established 21 stores in major fashion hubs and cities in India. With his aptitude mastering all gamut of management, design, sales and marketing, he has used his expertise to position KAZO as a premium brand through creative designs and innovative marketing strategies.

He conceptualized sales and marketing plans to redefine trends in fashion. Motivated by this vision coupled with his zeal for work, Aggarwal through the KAZO has rendered high quality service, resulting in brand loyalty. His determination inspires the team to position his businesses as the pioneer in high fashion industry. By combining skillful management, innovative and modern technology, Aggarwal inspires the team to achieve new milestones and improve performance graphs.

Aggarwal’s belief in professionalism has led him to build a core team of experts from in all aspects of brand retail. The team has been carefully selected to carry forward his ambitious vision.With the growing popularity of the brand and its aggressive expansion, Aggarwal continually motivates his team to set new performance benchmarks and be proactively involved in all activities pertaining to the growth of the company. His leadership and management skills are iconic and will continue.

Corporate Office: Kazo Fashion Limited, A5, Sector 64, Noida, UP, 201301

Call: 011-45751523

Email: customercare@kazo.com

Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest

Website and online shopping: www.kazo.com

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