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Egoss is a footwear brand available across India. We bring premium leather shoes designed with top-notch components to our customers in the men’s category. Egoss is known for its unparalleled comfort, superior quality and exquisite style. Egoss the flagship brand of Guruji Enterprises was launched in the year 2006.

Egoss was conceived with a simple objective: Design and manufacture high-quality footwear – offering great value at reasonable price points.

Ravindra Bhatia – the founder of Egoss – had a dream. He wanted to own a shoe factory and run his own business. He developed a passion for shoemaking at an early age. In 1992, he entered the footwear industry manufacturing for domestic and international markets. A visionary, single-minded entrepreneur, he, along with a small team, developed a range of truly innovative products and gained expertise in manufacturing for brands like – Second Skin, Mudtrail, Marvella, Modana, and Clubtree.

His knowledge, experience, and innovation in design/manufacturing led to the launch of Egoss in 2006.

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