Control your diabetes with Lifespan’s RISC PlusTest


Control your diabetes with Lifespan's RISC PlusTest

New Delhi, 9 April 2015: RISC test will educate you about your current diabetes status and possible future health complications in one go. It is introduced by Lifespan, a diabetes and cardiometabloic clinic. Lifespan’s RISC Plus is a combination of RISC and IGHA test which provides complete evaluation of your current diabetes status along with health complications which might occur in future.

IGHA (Instant Glycosylated Haemoglobin Analysis) is a test (NGSP and IFCC certified, US FDA approved and CE marked) where Glycosylated haemoglobin is tested to monitor the long-term control of diabetes mellitues. The level f glycosylated haemoglobin reflects the average blood glucose level over thepast 8-12 weeks, which provides clinic with an accurate appraisal of the diabetes management.

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  1. ASHOK WASSON says

    details about RISC test need to be given for better appreciation. How is it different from A1c test and what in addition of past 8-12 weeks history this RISC test traces for Type 2 Diabetes. Is this single test evaluates all the vital organs of the body which are at risk for T2D? Does RISC test evaluates each organ and its current status? Please provide details.
    I am keen to take this test but want to know what it is all about for T2D like me. Thanks

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