Color of your clothing can affect the ‘attractiveness’ factor


Well, not many may agree but a person’s wearing can drastically change an opinion about them if they simply change the color of their clothing.

We are not talking about the complexion only. We all know that complexion plays an important role in deciding one’s choice of colors they wear, but that is not all. It matters, but there are a number of other reasons because of which the color of your clothing matters.

To start with, we would like to say that there are some colors that can instantly attract an onlooker’s attention while other colors might look less attractive. There are theories that are being worked on the general attractiveness factors of certain colors, but that is not all.

We are talking about it at the general level, where people often make the mistake of choosing any color they like.
Let’s consider an example to help you understand this in a better way.

You walk into a store and start looking for a dress that will look good for you. However, while looking for a particular pattern, you often pick up a dress just because it had an attractive color and caught your attention almost instantly. If this can happen in your case, you can assume the same to happen in the case of others too. In the case of such colors, you will notice that the store has it in the limited section because people are willing to buy it, and the stocks don’t last long.

Talking about the attractiveness of the colors, it is important to know the different between attractiveness and eye-catching colors.

If you wear a color that is eye-catching, it doesn’t mean that it is attractive too. It is possible that the color you are wearing is too bright, and so, it gets the attention of others. However, it might still be a bad choice. So, make sure that the colors you choose do not look funny, until and unless the intention is to look funny for a particular event.

If you have understood the importance of colors, you should start looking for different colors that can help you look much more attractive than the normal colors. To start with, you can simply visit and start looking for dresses with interesting colors. This is important for you in some cases, but try to choose only those colors that look attractive to your naked eyes instantly.

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In the case of common colors, it is usually black and red that can help you earn attractiveness almost instantly.

Which color according to you is extremely attractive?

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