Solving your dog’s social needs

With so many pets in the city, people would assume you’d be barking mad to open a dating website for dogs. But, for Carmel Olyai being an “animal lover” has taken her affection for dogs..

Changing the world wide web from Gwalior

SouLSteer inquires Shivanand Sharma, Managing Director of Gwalior based Binary Turf Web Technologies that how his web development got appreciation around the world and his Firefox extension which got 10 million downloads BINARY TURF      Earlier..

Tips to SURVIVE a crappy boss!

So with six months in my current office, I have realized one thing, my boss is a total douchebag. In spite of putting my blood and sweat in a project he will somehow nit pick..

The Gwalior’s Most Powerful Women 2015

We’ve selected women that go beyond the traditional taxonomy of the power elite (political and economic might). These change-agents are actually shifting our very idea of clout and authority, in the process, transforming Gwalior in..

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