chromozome, Fashion Innerwear and Sportswear


chromozome, Fashion Innerwear and Sportswear

Chromozome,one of India’s leading brands of fashion innerwear and sportswear, was launched in January 2001 by Huechem Textiles Pvt. Ltd. Huechem Textiles has been in the textile and knitted clothing business since its inception in 1982. We are based out of Mumbai and we are a complete “design- to-delivery” solutions outfit. The company serves Indian and Overseas retail clients and has built up a reputation of being a high quality, high fashion, on time supplier.

Address: Huechem Textiles Pvt. Ltd, KK Chambers, 3rd Floor, Sir P.T. Road, Fort, Mumbai 400001, Maharashtra, INDIA

Call: +91-22-2207-4297


Website: chromozome


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