Changing the world wide web from Gwalior


Changing the world wide web from Gwalior        (1)

SouLSteer inquires Shivanand Sharma, Managing Director of Gwalior based Binary Turf Web Technologies that how his web development got appreciation around the world and his Firefox extension which got 10 million downloads

BINARY TURF      Earlier we were developing open source softwares and now web development is our primary work. I started this a hobby in 2005 and took it as a profession in 2010. Some of my softwares are world famous and have been downloaded over 10 million times and it got features in BBC. It was an add-on for Firefox called ‘ColorfulTabs’.

WHY GWALIOR?      Reason is cost effective setup is Gwalior. Our clients are off-shore so it doesn’t matter where we operate from.

CLIENTS      Main clients are from USA, Sweden and Australia. Slowly, people are also coming from Europe. We made website for a US television personality, Kate Gosselin she has her TV show about her 8 kids. We also developed website for American comedienne, Sandra Bernhard and Amateur Radio Club, Gwalior.

GWALIOR CLIENTLE      We have been busy with international projects that we don’t have time to promote our services locally and we realised Gwalior is not our target audience because businesses in Gwalior are not website driven as they are dealing locally. Problem is also in convincing people about the business benefits of a website.

WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT      Our complete website solution starts from Rs. 25,000 (excluding hosting). Rs. 20,000 is charged for website designing itself. As of now we have delivered around 75 websites.

TYPICAL      We made a website for an Australian, he lost all of his website data after the delivery. We restored the back-up from the servers which made him really satisfied. These days it is very easy to find coders but very hard to find creative and artistic talent who can deliver design intended for user experience.

AROUND THE CORNER      We are planning to expand to Bangalore. We are targeting the IT sector, small and medium business and for photographers.

ADDITIONAL      I also pursue photography as a professional hobby and singing from last 10 years. I started photography with Nikon D80 and recently I purchased Sony RX1.I am also learning Violin these days. Any art you perform you just need to feel three things, creative satisfaction, pleasure and perfection.

APN PHOTOGRAPHY SCHOOL      We also run photography website for photographers. We have 70,000+ users and 8,000+ paid subscribers to whom we give pro photography tops and tutorials.

BACKDROP      My father was an Archaeologist at Gujari Mahal. I did my graduation from Jiwaji University and all the knowledge I gathered through practical work and open source websites.

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Shivanand Sharma, the man responsible for changing the outlook of website development, all doing while sitting at Gwalior. So next time you need any kind of unusual website, all you need to click at

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Ssshh!! Some of the photographs stolen from Shivanand’s camera –
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