petition calls for unbanning black films on vehicles

Heartbeat petition calls for reconsider the ban of tinted films on car glasses

New Delhi, 30 March 2015: On 4 May 2012, the Supreme court passed a plea to completely ban the use of tint films irrespective of Visible Light Transmitted (VLT) percentage on Car Windows in lieu of Public Safety.

Problem is arises for a middle man living in cities like Delhi having small car like Maruti Alto or Tata Nano  cannot travel in summers with temperature which goes upto 45C with even air conditioning is switched on.

Thus in lieu of public safety from criminals but also from heat and harmful UV rays, Utsav Sabharwal started the petition along with 500 more supporters are begging the court to reconsider and allow usage of Tinted Glasses with UV protection and VLT upto 70% which to enough to look through a car to catch a criminal.

Petition also suggests that court may put some standard guidelines but should not ban products like 3M CR70 which adheres to International Standards, has decent visibility & is rigorously used around the world.

If you are supporter of this petition you can sign it here.

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