Candid, Raw and Unapologetic Account of Gisela Hausmann’s Life in Naked Determination


Candid, Raw and Unapologetic Account of Gisela Hausmann’s Life in Naked Determination

Experience is the best way to learn in life and it is most education one. We learn from the mistakes we made and the mistakes others made. We also learn from others success stories, well stories, period. Gisela Hausmann tells her story and her life adventure in 41 different stories.

All the stories are chronically arranged and start from her young age to adulthood. Gisela Hausmann has addressed only one issue in her book and that is of fear, and how to overcome that fear in real life. Fear can be of anything like fear of water or fear of getting caught; you just have to have the determination to go through with your plans, life, etc. Every story has all the elements of making a great story like love, courage, humour.

They are the stories of determination and how important it is to live life, rather than thinking of it. The stories will inspire you to do better, to move on and sometimes to hold on.  Within every story there is a universal message given which applies to all.

The stories are short and it seem like nuggets from the memory of the author. Gisela tells the true account of her life, which at times is hilarious and at times can be best described as tragic but what remains in all is the grit of the author to survive.

As from her bio, it is evident that she has and had an adventurous life and travelling a very big part of it. The novel will make you want to travel, experience the altitudes, the snow and the sand. It is honest and doesn’t flatter the author or try to seem over the top. It is subtle and has the way to become relatable to all. The book can be best described as a life experience that need to read and understood, so that we can all live our life to the fullest with naked determination.

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