British School International Day celebrated with cultural diversity


British School International Day celebrated with cultural diversity  (2)

New Delhi, 26 February 2015: The British School, New Delhi, showcased and celebrated its rich cultural diversity through the biggest community event celebrated at the school annually, International Day. This year commemorated the momentous 52-year journey of the school. The festivities celebrated the diversity of its community that boasts of more than 55 nationalities.

The signature event epitomised the very best of the British School community and its multiculturalism, in a unique and mouth-watering way. The event began with the students singing the school song, followed by spectacular performances by alumni Zorawar Shukla of Reggae Rajahs, Djembefola United Community Drum Circle and the British School Band. Other highlights of the evening included carefully chosen game stalls and play areas, product displays and more.

Over the years, International Day has offered the parents of thy school with an opportunity to put together an afternoon of fun and food for the school community to enjoy, along with family and friends. Parents showcased the various countries represented in the school through food stalls which offered popular dishes from across the world. It was a day dedicated to community building and a great platform to understand and experience the rich cultural diversity that is so unique to the school.

Dr. Nick Argent, Director, said, ‘We value the similarities and differences each person’s cultural heritage brings to our lives. This event allows students, parents and teachers to express and share their cultural diversity through flags, music, games, colourful costumes and cuisines, and to spread information about their country, language and culture. The event also reinforces the school’s philosophy of offering a stimulating, multi-cultural environment, whilst promoting tolerance and respect towards one another.

This year’s celebration also saw, for the first time, a unique way of promoting well-being and healthy living options for fitness enthusiasts.

British School International Day celebrated with cultural diversity  (1)



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