Book Review of “Love is Vodka” by Amit Shankar


Book Review of Love is Vodka by Amit ShankarLove stories are being written by each and every writer. What makes a difference   is the treatment and how the story is presented. There will always be a boy and a girl and in our liberal society maybe a boy and a boy or a girl and a girl, rest remains the same, they fall in love or the protagonist finds love. There is love in the end.

So what makes this one different is the question I asked and most of those who have read must have too.  The answer is that it is written by a man and that too by someone who is not a teenager. How much has changed since the time he was a teenager and the vagaries they have to face.

To be honest I think that he has done a good job with the portrayal of a teenage protagonist and tried to maintain the narration as teenage friendly as possible. The problem with this format is that it becomes immature at times. Teenagers are immature that is true to some extent but are the readers too?

This was my second question when I finished the book which went on and on about the hook ups of the protagonist, Moon.  It is crumble some to read at times but then what teenage stories aren’t’t. Irrespective of that what I liked most about the book was the honest description of Moon and her issues. There was no sugar coating or vagueness to it.

There were sharp truths and it made up for almost everything. For the fact that so much happened to her like it seemed impossible. Most of all it was just a story about a girl who wanted love. The other characters that were in the story had a limited time and only her mother and her second boyfriend, The Devil, were given enough space to make their presence felt in the novel.

This novel is one of those stories which have an interesting title, a fascinating blurb but it somehow doesn’t make an impact. I really wish there was more or a little less to the story.



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