Book Review: “Chapter Eleven” by Amit Shankar


Book Review Chapter Eleven by Amit ShankarHonesty is the best policy or is it so? Will honesty take to places you want to go and make you achieve dreams that you see every day. Values are the foundation of our lives. Is it okay to compromise them so to have a brighter future? These are the everlasting thoughts that come in our mind when we think of these saying considering the present day scenario.

Chapter Eleven deals with corporate morality. Do we need morals to survive in the world of corporate or only our sycophancy will take us places? This is one of the most basic things that we need to learn about, whether we are in school, college or in a job? Is being nice to your boss or being super nice to your boss, is the only to promotion. Amit Shankar gives you a novel that may not give you the answers directly but indirectly they answer all.

The novel has got an accurate description of what happens in a corporate. More than being busy, you have to act busy. You have the right connections; you can get a promotion much faster than a deserving candidate. In all, it is about how to survive a company 101. It is the most fundamental class those aspiring for corporate jobs take.

Amit Shankar gives you a male perspective with this novel. He gives you a character that has legacy, pride and honesty. He is also charming, funny and a hit with the ladies. Virendra Vikram Singh is this and much more. More than that he represents the voice of our conscience and also our vanity where we might do wrong for personal gain.

The novel takes you on a corporate adventure where the animals are found in suits and formals with their sleek hairstyles and dazzling gadgets.  They are out of blood and who gets in the way will be treated like an adversary. This is one of the most entertaining and educating novel based on corporate life. The author has tons of experience in this department and it shows in the way he has narrated the office scenes and also how a man and woman think.

Chapter Eleven is worth the money for its story, message and for the character of Virendra Vikram Singh.



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