BMW i8 Concept Spyder: Strong-willed


BMW i8 Concept Spyder Strong-willed (1)

After i3 you got this beautiful i8. Thus far it is concept-only which refers to as ‘future mobility’ and the blending of ‘intelligent thinking, advanced materials and innovative construction’ to produce a new motoring philosophy. BMW calls it ‘LifeDrive’.

Even though the new Spyder is closely related to the i8 2+2 Coupe, and features semi-daft concept flimflam like upward-swivelling doors and a pair of electric scooters mounted under the rear tailgate; it also features the eDrive drivetrain. So we get a turbo three-pot petrol engine with 223bhp mated to a 131bhp-equivalent electric motor to give 354bhp total, through any combination of wheels (front, rear or AWD). Then there’s 0-100kph in a sparkly five seconds dead, and fuel consumption an exciting prospect at a whooping 33kpl. And that is exciting: sports-car pace for supermini impact.

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