Benefits upto Rs. 55,000 in Chevrolet Cruze


Benefits upto Rs. 55,000 in Chevrolet Cruze

With absolute power comes absolute luxury. One look at the Chevrolet Cruze and you’ll know it’s true. The sedan is equipped with plush interiors, dual cockpit with six-way adjustable driver seat, six-speed gen2 automatic transmission, cruise control and the new powerful 166 PS engine.

To seal the deal Chevrolet is offering total benefits upto Rs. 55,000. Total benefits may vary from variant to variant of each carline, inclusive of consumer offer, exchange bonus and loyalty bonus. There is also insurance offered at Rs. 1.

Additionally, Chevy Cruze comes wth 4 airbags at dual front and side. It also has jet black interiors. Cruze gives 17.3 kmpl at manual transmission and 14.83 kmpl on automatic.

Specifications: VCDi 16V DOHC 4 cylinder 1,998 cc | 166 PS power | 360 Nm torque | 165 mm ground clearance | 6.5J x 16 Alloy wheels | 205/60 R16 tyres | disc front and rear brakes

Price: Starts at Rs. 14.26 lakhs

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