Behind the scenes: Ruchi Singh, VP, ITM University


Behind the scenes Ruchi Singh, VP, ITM University (2) copy

SouLSteer gets her to open up on the many facets of her life, her reclusive husband, the kids and her devotion for education.

You are an eminent educationist. How did it become an enduring passion?
It started when I joined ITM, and did my MCA. As you know, it’s formed by my father; I saw him working and his passion for education. It’s obvious the passion passes to the kids, so it has been passed on to me also. I am just trying to do whatever I can for this group for education in future.

What do you like to teach?
I don’t teach, I am basically into administration. But I love to talk on the topic women empowerment. As the women in our society have been repressed since ever and they need to come out of their shell.

You must switch your phone off during admissions time, right?
No, not at all. It’s always on; it has nothing to do with the admission time. Actually, it’s not a big deal; we get calls from student at 12 in night. I think if you are into something, be with heart and soul.

Daughter, wife, mother, team owner, educationist… which of these roles defines you best?
I have enjoyed every role, but I think daughter comes first then the mother, I try my best to keep a balance of all, but sometimes I make mistakes, through which I learn.

What kind of mom are you?
I am a paranoid mother. I keep on thinking about if something is going wrong with my son. Moreover, I think he will answer it in a better way when he grows up.

How do you unwind?
Now the only leisure time which I like to spend is with my son. He is the best stress buster. Then listening to the students here in the college. Spending a relaxing time with the family at a holiday is also very blissful.

When in need of a sounding board, who do you turn to?
First it’s my father, then my husband, But they both always tell me to listen to myself and to take my decision.

How aware are you of the media spotlight on you?
I have never really thought about it, even if it’s there I don’t feel it. I think my work gets media attention.

How would you define the meaning of life?
I think experiencing and learning with every incidence in your life. I don’t believe in planning for future, enjoy today. I know how important it is enjoying your life to its second.

If you had a day off in the city, what do you do?
I would definitely sleep late. I will spend time with my son, having long lunch or dinner, gossiping with friends, after that maybe a movie and spa.

When was the last time you had a day off?
After my son’s arrival, the leisure of talking any day off was given to me by my father & husband. But I try my best to make it to the office.

How will ITM University of 2017 be different from ITM University of today?
I hope it will be way much better, better changes in curricular and non-curricular activities, making in impact on the national for forces is on developing a good human being because that you lead to & international map a good professional.

Plans for this festive season?
This dussehra we have an inauguration by CM of our new building, J.C. Bose Block. Other than that, we will do ritualistic pooja, light up diyas. I think my son will enjoy this season much more, as he is new for this thing.

One message to our reader?
Live your life to the fullest. Make every second count; you don’t know what may happen in future. Live life happily.

Behind the scenes Ruchi Singh, VP, ITM University (1)

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