Avoid rumors and make this enthusiasm to victory: Ashok Singh


Avoid rumors and make this enthusiasm to victory Ashok Singh (4)

Congress Candidate from Gwalior constituency Ashok Singh said to Congress workers that this time Congress and people are equal and with the victory city would return to lost glory of development. During the times of Late Madhav Rao Scindia Gwalior had a big honor of development, but due to BJP rule from past ten years this has went into drain. He further said that desparate opposition will now travel in a speculation plane and will land between you. They will sometime rumor about my seat or sometime about me being a businessman, so we have to be alarmed and work.

Singh attended a meeting with workers at Congress block 1, 2, 3 at Ramtapura. During the program district chairman Dr. Darshan Singh said that this time atmosphere of the city is in favor of Congress candidate and its against BJP candidate.

Former MLA of Gwalior Pradhuman Singh Tomar said that workers of Gwalior zone are united and they have one chance in front of them to take revenge of loss in assembly elections. He further that it will be a victory of not only a candidate but it will be a creation of history.

After the meeting Singh arrived from election campaign at Pohri where he said BJP politicians are opportunist, they only visit during elections and forget after that. He started from Bhangarh to Karsena (welcomed by Rawat Youth Board), Subhashpura (welcomed by Netrapal Dhakar, Mahaveer Dhakar), Mudkhed (welcomed by Mandi Director Shivpuri Virendra Shama), Satanbada (welcomed by Raju Bansal, Hari Singh Gurjar), Chitaura (welcomed by KP Singh Rawat, Sitaram Ji), Binega Aashram, Muderi, Khorgar, Jaamkho, Peeparghar and Karvasa.



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