Auto Expo 2014: Ultra luxury BMW 760 Li presented


Auto Expo 2014 Ultra luxury BMW 760 Li presented  (1)

Future. Beyond Words.

Imagine an experience, that is beyond sensation. Art, that is beyond imagination. A masterpiece, that is beyond time. And a performance, that is beyond perfection. Now envision sovereignty beyond words. A car like no other, the BMW 7 Series with unmatched levels of luxury, comfort and technology is simply, future beyond words. The BMW 7 Series embodies luxurious elegance and exclusive comfort at the highest level. With BMW Individual, you give its exceptional automobile a very personal note and unique character, both inside and outside, thus allowing it to meet the highest of all possible standards: your very own.

PRICE: 730Ld- Rs. 1.02 crore | 750Li- Rs. 1.39 crore | 760Li- Rs. 1.86 crore



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