Auto Expo 2014: Toy cars at Hyundai Vroomland


Auto Expo 2014 Toy cars at Hyundai Vroomland (1)

Hyundai Motor India introduced ‘Vroomland’ and its new characters at the Auto Expo’14. Through these characters Hyundai has created opportunities for children to learn more about automobile & the environment while having fun and safe driving culture to the children and their parents.

Hyundai has created many fun-filled contents through games & other car themed activities designed especially for children.

Auto Expo 2014 Toy cars at Hyundai Vroomland (6)

Vroomland includes animated characters such as ‘Bluewill’, ‘Pinko’, ‘Accel, ‘Radi’ etc. Bluewill – Symbolizes an environmental friendly car that makes the environment cleaner as it runs more.

Pinko – Symbolizes a car that can fly in the sky with a clean fuel.

Introduction of these characters & Vroomland in India is an addition to Hyundai Motor’s other offering / programs for children and youth like, “My Daddy My Superstar”, Association with Kidzania”, Global Youth Marketing Camp”, etc.



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