Auto Expo 2014: Piaggio reveals Liberty 125 3V ie


Auto Expo 2014 Vespa Liberty 125 3V ie (17)

The Liberty, contemporary and sleek, is equipped with a Piaggio Leader 125cc 4-stroke engine offering smooth acceleration and excellent economy.

Features such as large wheels, standard electronic immobilizer, wide footrest, underseat storage, low and comfortable seat and clear instrument panel guarantee convenience, high levels of grip and everyday practicality.

Light and easy to ride, the Liberty 125 is perfect for inner-city, suburban and long-range journeys.

Auto Expo 2014 Vespa Liberty 125 3V ie (1)

PIAGGIO LIBERTY SPECIFICATIONS: Single cylinder, air cooled, 4 stroke, EFI, otto cycle | 124cc | 10.33hp output | 10.4Nm torque | CVT transmission | Single cradle structure in welded steel tubes with pressed steel reinforcements body construction | 1345mm wheelbase | 6.5 litres fuel capacity



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