Auto Expo 2014: Piaggio launched Vespa S


Auto Expo 2014 Piaggio launched Vespa S (6)

Vespa S embodies the heritage of legendary models from the 70’s, such as the Vespa 50 Special and the Vespa Primavera, offering a trip down a charming memory lane. It is the most sporty and youthful Vespa “small body” available. The lines express dynamic character and youth, with their clean and essential, but definitely spirited, sections. It is a Vespa that makes minimalist design its distinguishing feature in order to definitively win the approval of the youngest enthusiasts. The square headlight, the more decisive design of the mudguards and the profile of the saddle are the unmistakeable key features of the Vespa S, which go extremely well with the red colour of the shock absorbers and the brand new instrument panel graphics.

With the new and highly technologically advanced 125-150 4Stroke 3 Valve power train, Piaggio once again opens a window to the future of motoring technology.



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