Auto Expo 2014: Piaggio Group, Hall number 8

Auto Expo 2014 Piaggio Group, Hall number 8 (21)

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The NT3 prototype is powered by a 230 cc or 350 gasoline engine, and has also been developed in a 350cc hybrid version. All the models offer particularly interesting features for urban and metropolitan environments, with a special focus on eco-sustainability: 80 km/h, up to 33 km to the liter and up to 70 g CO2/km are benchmark values, not only in Europe but also in the heavily populated areas of India and Asia.

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RAVI CHOPRA, Chairman and Managing Director, Piaggio Group India

ape Calessino 200

SPECIFICATIONS: 10.19hp output | 16.2Nm torque | 197cc | 670kg gross weight | 2700mm length | 1820 height | 10.5 litres petrol fuel tank

 ape city 3 wheeler

PVPL had recently launched the ape City, a state-of-the-art 2 wheeled passenger carrier in the alternate fuel category. Within a short span of its launch, the company has garnered a respectable market share in the domestic segment and has thrown up tremendous opportunities in the international market. The ape city comes fitted with a hi-tech Piaggio 3 Valve Engine, introduced for the first time in the 3 wheeler category in India. The vehicle is available in the Diesel and CNG/LPG/Petrol fuel variants, and the CNG version is on display.

SPECIFICATIONS: 9.11hp output | 13.1Nm torque | 197cc | 695kg gross weight

Piaggio Porter 600

Porter is a formidable range of 4 wheeler compact commercial vehicle from the Piaggio Group stable. It has enjoyed success in more than 14 countries worldwide and has now forayed into India. It is the first international brand in the compact market truck segment in India. Within a short span of its launch, Porter 600 has garnered a respectable market share of around 25% in the 0.5 Ton commercial vehicle segment and is rapidly moving towards enhancing its market share.

PVPL will soon launch the Porter 1000 in the 1 ton payload segment which would be available with its in-house state-of-the-art twin-cylinder engine in BS III and BS IV variants.

PORTER SPECIFICATIONS: 10.05hp power | 27Nm torque | 511cc | 1300kg gross weight | 10.5 litres fuel tank

Piaggio Porter 600




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