Auto Expo 2014: Maruti Suzuki displays concept Ciaz


Auto Expo 2014 Maruti Suzuki displays concept Ciaz (3)

India’s car market leader Maruti Suzuki, has displayed the Concept CIAZ (pronounced as: chi-aaz) sedan at the center of its Auto Expo 2014 pavilion. The chic and graceful Concept CIAZ occupies the prime position. Concept CIAZ demonstrates the Company’s capability to expand into new segments and new technologies.

Concept CIAZ is an aggressive yet sophisticated A3-segment sedan especially designed by Suzuki Motor Corporation for leading markets like India and China.

The dynamic Concept CIAZ is showcased in Vintage Red colour. Vintage Red evokes the imagery of luxurious time spent with someone precious, on a special day. The deep red is suggestive of mature wine while the contrasting chrome accents give enchanting expression to the display car.

Auto Expo 2014 Maruti Suzuki displays concept Ciaz

Concept CIAZ gives a sneak peek into the Company’s commitment to bring new models to keep its portfolio vibrant and offer choices to customers, in line with its position as the market leader.

Based on the feedback at the Auto Expo 2014, the Company would consider future course for this sedan for India.

Concept CIAZ comes with a glamorous design with a strong sense of stability. Adopting a long wheelbase and a low height gives the Concept CIAZ an authentic sedan style. It also helps to achieve a dynamic body shape through sharp character lines and elegant surfaces that accentuate right below the character lines.

Smart integration of chrome detailing on side body highlights the sporty and aerodynamic looks of the Concept CIAZ.

The combination of chic surfaces of the front hood, body sides and trunk lid with sharp, dynamic lines gives Concept CIAZ its sporty and elegant looks. The blend of real carbon and chrome plating at the fog lamps and the exhaust pipe further enhances the character of Concept CIAZ.



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