Auto Expo 2014: Maruti Suzuki chooses ‘Celebrate’ theme


Auto Expo 2014 Maruti Suzuki chooses 'Celebrate' theme (3)

Maruti Suzuki, India’s most trusted and loved car brand, will offer visitors exciting new launches and concepts around the theme, ‘Celebrate’ which pairs spontaneity with spirit of unity in India.

‘Celebrate’ defines the Maruti Suzuki’s Way of Life as connected to the auto enthusiasts’ inherent preference for dynamic youthfulness, making Maruti Suzuki cars an intrinsic part of the Indian family.


Maruti Suzuki ‘Celebrate’ theme logo

To mark the Company’s Japanese parentage, the theme logo and graffiti combines the traditional Japanese art form “Origami’ and symbols of Indian celebration, like confetti & people dancing together. The dancing figures symbolize Maruti Suzuki’s young customers who believe in spontaneity, unplanned surprises and a party mood.

Maruti Suzuki’s corporate ideals have always been in sync with the preferences and demands of its customers for advanced and innovative vehicles. The range of products and services developed by Maruti Suzuki showcases the leading car maker’s expertise in not only designing cars for the masses but also its efforts to integrate customer requirements with advanced technological solutions. Maruti Suzuki fosters customer connect through unparalleled after sales support, an industry benchmark.

The cornerstone of Maruti Suzuki’s ‘positive leadership’ approach as depicted by the new theme is customer engagement. An engagement which gradually converts into a cherished relationship for life.

At Auto Expo 2014, Maruti Suzuki will ‘Celebrate’ its association with its customers. This value kernel is an extension of parent Suzuki Motor Corporation’s global corporate philosophy enshrined in the ‘Way of Life’ philosophy.

Theme ‘Celebrate’ will be showcased at various sections of the pavilion depicting how cars are an integral part of today’s India. It promises a glimpse of how India’s young celebrate their journey of life. The proposition from Maruti Suzuki has always been to design cars for the customers that are a pleasure to drive, possess advanced engineering and are a reliable partner in the owner’s journey of life.

For Maruti Suzuki, the festival of Auto Expo is an opportunity to communicate its strong India connect. The essence of celebrating life is reflected in the themes over the years. From ‘Colors of Life’ in 2008 to ‘Joys of Life’ in 2010, to ‘Way of Life’ in 2012, and ‘Celebrate’ in 2014, Maruti Suzuki has evolved to keep pace with what its customers wish it to be: a value driven auto maker, crafting products that enrich the lives of the car owners across the globe.



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