Auto Expo 2014: Hero Simplecity an electric motorcycle


Auto Expo 2014 Hero Simplecity an electric motorcycle (2)

The all-new SimplEcity, the lightweight urban electric motorcycle, reiterates Hero Motocorp’s commitment to efficient, reliable personal transportation for a green planet.

The revolutionary Simplecity promises to offer an efficient and reliable intra-city travel experience to the urban commuters. By keeping weight to a minimum of 35kg and designing every system for optimum performance in city conditions, Hero has created a whole new segment of motorcycles for a cleaner and greener planet.

The Simplecity comes with innovative features, such a removable battery pack for the convenience of recharging. Another innovation is the dashboard that is delivered through the rider’s smart phone through the free Simplecity application. This can be achieved by conveniently mounting the phone on the handlebars. The ‘walk’ mode lets rider roll it effortlessly when you walk or gives it a push if taken upstairs.



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