Auto Expo 2014: Hero launches hydrogen powered iON concept


Auto Expo 2014 Hero launches hydrogen powered iON concept (2)

Hero iON gives us an exciting glimpse into the future, and demonstrates Hero’s beliefs and commitment to the endless road of motorcycles and personal transport.

All electronic, ion has a hydrogen fuel cell in the center structure, as well as advanced batteries and super capacitors to smooth energy needs of braking and acceleration. The batteries use an advanced Li – Air technology that has extremely high energy density since they use oxygen from the air instead of storing in an oxidizer internally. Airy, open wheels contain the rotor component of hubless electric traction motors that uses magnetic levitation technology that works on zero friction. When needed, they double up as brakes.

ion’s light finger-touch controls the handle grip. The steering is through a rotating front and rear wheel and suspension systems around the pivots that are mounted on the power module. Multi-axis gyros and accelerometers maintain the stability at all times. All-directional sensors for VSA (Vehicle Situational Awareness) keep track of the surrounding traffic flow and make corrections to the PBS systems as needed.


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