Auto Expo 2014: DC launches Eleron SUV


Auto Expo 2014 DC launches Eleron SUV (14)

The Eleron is DC Design’s high-end take for a top line SUV with a difference! The name has been phonetically conceived from the aeronautic term ‘aileron’ given that the nature of the car’s design takes in a supposedly duo-layered approach as regards its bodywork, the upper half seemingly floating on the lower base whichever way you tend to look at it.

The ethos behind the creation of the Eleron had to do with the learning’s from DC Design’s Avanti mid-engine sports car, which is now ready for production. High tech engineering solutions, efficient low-volume manufacturing practices, proficiency in new material matrixes and their adoption for volume production, custom craftsmanship of the old school world coupled to modern day CAD-CAM-CAE skills clearly define not just the Eleron (and the Tia) but also DC Design. From the overwhelming response to the Avanti at the previous Auto Expo in 2012 to the point where it is now ready to roll out to customers this year, DC Design felt the need to explore new additions to its portfolio. The objective was also to explore the right segment where it could make its mark with products that were world class but priced to suit local sensibilities.
It has always been a top down approach to product positioning that has seen specialist carmakers plan their offerings and the Eleron is in the same vein. The concept behind it was to target the SUV-loving Indian car enthusiast, those who would normally be seen in high-end Teutonic megaliths. Towards that end, to deliver excitement and also to demonstrate that SUV-ish gravitas also can flow from within India, the Eleron is DC Design’s take on a practical SSUV (an original term given full meaning and expression with the Imperator from four years ago) for India.

Core to the Eleron is not just its extrovert styling – radical and in your face along with the pumped up stance given the large boots it wears – but for what it shrouds under its exquisite designer skin. While style and external design have always been DC Design’s raison d’etre, its engineering skills have now developed to a very high degree, so much so that designing and engineering a complex spaceframe structure is now a major strength. The new design spaceframe combines both strength and lightweight to deliver good torsional stiffness for ultimate performance and road manners but also is easy for low volume production. Validated for NVH using the latest CAD-CAE simulations, the chassis adopts racecar style double wishbone suspension up front while strong air suspension units hold up the rear. This is a unique arrangement to deliver both the sharpness of steering and a firm yet planted ride.

Large diameter, four-pot drilled and ventilated disc brakes handle the braking performance, which is bolstered by the latest generation Bosch ABS systems along with ESP. Given that the Eleron runs on a huge 3090mm wheelbase and has to have that mega-stance, it rides on large 22-inch wheels wrapped with 285/45 tyres on the front & rear. A hydraulically actuated rack and pinion steering gear is employed for precise steering ability while the entire running gear has been validated by international experts working closely with DC Design to fine tune the handling.

Just like as in the Avanti, DC Design has signed an MOU for the driveline with a top named European carmaker, which will provide a state-of-the-art Euro-5 compliant turbocharged petrol engine of 2.0-litre displacement. This unit is good for 265bhp of power and 360Nm of torque and should be more than enough for the Eleron to literally demolish mountains while thundering over our checkered terrain. Transmission will be an all-automatic affair, a proper 5-speed gearbox with torque converter doing duty in transferring power to all four wheels. DC Design is also exploring a two-wheel drive option for those who crave SUVs for tackling the urban jungle and both drivelines could be on the spec sheet. Drive-by-wire is an inherent feature on the Eleron while the use of an LSD (limited slip differential) highlights its go-anywhere performance cred.

DC Design ELERON SPECIFICATIONS: 2 litres petrol turbo Euro-5 compliant | 265HP power | 5 speed automatic transmission | all wheel drive | 22 inches rim size | 3090mm wheel base | 5055mm length | 1710mm height | all disc brake | space frame with roll cage | ABS | 2500kg gross weight | four seater | 200kmph top speed | 0-100kmph in 9 secs

PRICE: Rs. 35 lakhs



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