Auto Expo 2014: BMW 320d Sport Line in black racing stripes


Auto Expo 2014 BMW 320d Sport Line in black racing stripes (4)

The superior drive evolving from 37 years and 5 generations of segment leading design, technology and driving dynamics. The BMW 3 Series offers the revolutionary performance you need with the efficiency of 18.88kmpl of diesel. It is packed with an athletic TwinPower Turbo engine, 8-speed Automatic Transmission, innovative features and more cabin space than ever before. It is available in two distinct lines- Sport Line and Luxury Line. Sport Line celebrates the rush of adrenaline while Luxury Line indulges you to move in style.

PRICE: 320d Prestige- Rs. 33.75 lakhs | 320d Luxury Line- Rs. 37.35 lakhs | 320d Sport Line- Rs. 37.25 lakhs | 328i Sport Plus- Rs. 42.50 lakhs



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